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Talon Fine Wire Upholstery Staples ideal for the production of Sofas, Chairs, Beds and Display Boards. Engineered to fit Atro, Fasco, Tacwise and all other major brands of Pneumatic Stapling Tackers as shown.
Item code Description Box Qty 1000 Price per 1000 Discount Threshold Qty  
84/06ATRO TYPE 84/06 STANOX STAPLE10£0.6210
84/08ATRO TYPE 84/08 STANOX STAPLE10£0.6910
84/10ATRO TYPE 84/10 STANOX STAPLE10£0.7410
84/12ATRO TYPE 84/12 STANOX STAPLE10£0.7910
84/14ATRO TYPE 84/14 STANOX STAPLE10£0.8710
72/06TALON 72/06 UPH STAPLE Z&Y200£0.2310
72/08TALON 72/08 UPH STAPLE Z&Y200£0.2610
72/10TALON 72/10 UPH STAPLE Z&Y200£0.2610
72/12TALON 72/12 UPH STAPLE Z&Y200£0.2810
72/14TALON 72/14 UPH STAPLE Z&Y200£0.3210
80/10TALON 80/10 UPH STAPLE STANOX10£0.3910
80/12TALON 80/12 UPH STAPLE STANOX10£0.4210
80/14TALON 80/14 UPH STAPLE STANOX10£0.4610