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Talon Medium Duty Staples ideal for the production of light frames and general purpose joinery. Engineered to fit Atro, Bostitch, Fasco and Tacwise Pneumatic Staplers.
Item code Description Box Qty 1000 Price per 1000 Discount Threshold Qty  
93/10ATRO TYPE 93/10 STANOX STAPLE10£1.3610
93/12ATRO TYPE 93/12 STANOX STAPLE10£1.4110
93/14ATRO TYPE 93/14 STANOX STAPLE10£1.4810
93/16ATRO TYPE 93/16 STANOX STAPLE10£1.5510
93/18ATRO TYPE 93/18 STANOX STAPLE10£1.6210
93/20ATRO TYPE 93/20 STANOX STAPLE10£1.6910
93/22ATRO TYPE 93/22 STANOX STAPLE10£1.7410
93/25ATRO TYPE 93/25 STANOX STAPLE10£1.8010
90/15TALON 90/15 STAPLE5£1.5610
90/18TALON 90/18 STAPLE5£1.6910
90/20TALON 90/20 STAPLE5£1.8910
90/25TALON 90/25 STAPLE5£2.0110
90/30TALON 90/30 STAPLE5£2.4610
90/35TALON 90/35 STAPLE5£2.6510
90/40TALON 90/40 STAPLE5£2.7110
92/12TALON 92/12 STAPLE5£2.0310
92/15TALON 92/15 STAPLE5£2.4510
92/18TALON 92/18 STAPLE5£2.6310